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socialsendr is a low-cost, social media marketing app for small businesses and sole-traders. Based on user preferences, the app automatically creates, schedules and posts content to their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook business pages on a regular basis, saving time, money and creative effort.


The challenge

Small businesses continue to lose revenue and opportunities through the poor application of social media marketing. The problem arises for many reasons, namely, a lack of creativity, money, time or understanding. Because of this, socialsendr wanted to create a unique platform where users could quickly and easily schedule up to 30 days worth of social media content with just a few button presses. This would then leave the business owner free to focus on other priorities, safe in the knowledge that their social media marketing is taken care of.

To achieve this objective, a reliable and scalable app was required, that could deliver the following functionality:

  • A versatile and intuitive user interface
  • A CRM backend for data, content and user management
  • A multi-function payment platform
  • Hold a large database of ready-to-go & sector relevant content
  • Connect to multiple social media platforms via APIs
  • Schedule and post content at specific time slots
  • Fully editable content (front-end) as well as create new content on-the-fly
  • A fluid design with ease of use
  • Be easily accessed, regardless of operating system or device


The solution

Having consulted with the Torchbearer team, it was recommended that a progressive web app (PWA) be created for the front end with a mobile-first approach to the design and layout of the content. This would allow the app to remain accessible on a wide range of mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

The project itself was delivered with 3 primary components:

  • A front-end user interface; built in ReactJS
  • A back-end API & accompanying database; built using C#/.NET and MS SQL respectively
  • A back-end administrators interface; also built in ReactJS

The team then integrated varius third-party APIs including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Futureproofing was included to implement additional social media APIs should requirements change going forwards. For the payment platform, Stripe was chosen as the solution and was also integrated into the back-end API.


We were very impressed with the end result. Where most commercial apps utilise Android and Apple IOS, the advice to pursue a progressive web app design has proven a real boon. Not only is it ridiculously easy to maintain - it's one platform as opposed to multiple - it runs far more smoothly and faster, relying on a chrome-based browser to host it. Had it not been for Torchbearer's advice, we would most likely have ended up with a combination of IOS, Android and desktop versions. This not only kept our investment down, but also meant the project was delivered in less than half the time we had originally planned. User feedback has also been very positive. We hardly ever get support requests, and where we do, the Torchbearer team are always fast to respond and resolve - and our customers have said so too!"

Michelle Cowan, Founder, socialsendr


Our take

Combining front and back-end functionality, social media APIs, scheduling & posting code-work and payment systems, this project gave us plenty of interesting experiences.

All in all, value for money and speed to market were big achievements for this project. This in turn has helped socialsendr keep its price point down for its own customers. We have helped create a low maintenance app, coupled with a 'light-touch' service package that our client is very happy with.


To learn more about socialsendr and their app, visit their website at